My desire is to help others be OnPoint! This has been my passion since I was in 4th grade. That is a long time! Over the years, I have done this in may ways. Now one of the main ways that I am striving to help others be OnPoint is through this website.

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This website is all about helping people have success in their lives by assisting them to Know IT, Plan IT, Do IT, Conquer IT, and Enjoy IT. This means we help people get the most out of their lives.

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The Problem:

It is said that most people do not achieve their life purpose! Also, most people feel regret at the end of their lives because they were not able to accomplish their purpose during their lifetime. OnPointer is all about helping people start to move toward achieving their God-given purpose. We cannot recover time, but we can make sure we are on the path to achieving our purpose NOW!

What We Do:

Our desire is to provide a framework that others can use, in a healthy way, that helps them achieve their heart's desires. The framework includes the following.

  • Provide a Community where OnPointers can hang out for encouragement.
    Provide OnPointer Training that helps people where they are at in the journey.
    Provide a planner that can be used as a daily map showing what to do.
    Provide Backer Groups where OnPointers can share, "Wins," and struggles.
    Provide Advanced Instructions for those who want more support.

These are a few ways we encourage others to make an impact in our world today!

Who Runs This Site:

This site is run by me, Tim Landers, and OnPoint Facilitators. It's a pleasure to be a part of this site. The training on this site comes from years of helping people find their purpose and live out their purpose. Our plan is to make sure everyone who participates through our activities are encouraged and blessed! 

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