Being Intentional Important?


Why do people say we need to live life with intention? What happens when we don’t? Well, how can we live life intentionally? In this episode, our guest Ryan Stanley shares how “living on purpose doesn’t happen by accident.” These are some of the themes we talked about during the interview.

Rich and Grow Rich

All the time I hear people say that the book by Napolean Hill title “Think and Grow Rich” had a significant impact on their life. Why has this book positively impacted many people?

Ryan said that this book helps him learn that he needed to know where he wanted to go in life and then review his purpose every day. For Ryan, knowing his purpose has led him to focus on being a success coaching.

What Ryan learned about knowing his purpose applies to us, also. Each one of us has a purpose! All we need to do is take time to write down our purpose and review our purpose daily to ensure we are working toward accomplishing our purpose. This means we need to practice intentional living!

Being Intentional

We can live our lives by doing whatever feels right or making sure we intentionally live our lives. When we use a feel-good lifestyle, we are only doing things that we think are fun, which leads to end of life regrets. When we live an intentional lifestyle, we are doing things that lead to end of life fulfillment.

Ryan shared how we need to take responsibility for how we live our life! This means we need to do the following.

  1. Decide what we really want. This means we know our desired life outcomes and write down a plan to our desires.
  2. Believe our plans are possible. This means internally have confidence we can succeed.
  3. Remind ourselves daily. This means every day, review the plans we wrote down previously.
  4. Follow Plans. This means to not let anything get in the way of us completing our daily plans.
  5. Be Ourselves. This means to let our light shine in the world just the way we are made to do.

These five things are essential to help us live intentionally.

It is easy to go through life, trying to feel good! By living this way, we will miss out on many of the great things we are made to experience. Living with intention will take work and focus, but in the end, we will be able to look back at our lives and say “WOW” I did awesome things.

Have a Great Start

Having a great start each morning will help us to be intentional in the way we use our time. This is essential, and there are many ways we can have a great start each morning. One thing that will help us have a great start is a daily routine.

Ryan shared the three parts to his daily routine: the first part is in the morning, the second part is during the day, and the third part is at nighttime. Here is what he does:

Part 1: First Things

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Review I Am Statements
  • Journal
  • Plan for the day.

Part 2: Follow Day Plans

  • This means to make sure that the plans that make each morning are executed.

Part 3 Day’s Wrap-Up

  • Evolution
  • Wins Achieved
  • Gratitude

Doing this routine helps Ryan accomplish his purpose.

As we can see, having a daily routine is very important for accomplishing our plans, and it will also help us take ownership of each day. Our daily routine will be different for each of us, but the key is being consistent in doing our routine.

Best Self Journal

There are many types of planning journals. The Best Self Journal is a thirteen-week planner to help people achieve their goals. Each day has two pages in the planner, so a lot of content for each day can be journaled.

Ryan said the Best Self Journal has really helped him stay on track and loves to talk about it, even though he does not get paid to promote it.

Ultimately, each of us needs to find a way to accomplish our plans! For some using a physical planner is best, and for others, a digital planner is best. The important thing is that we find a tool that works best for us. Sometimes that means trying our many options until we find the perfect journal solution for us.

Fear is a Lier!

We may have a plan, but we still fail to follow the plan. The reason for failing will be different for each person, but one of the common reasons we fail is ourselves.

One of the reasons Ryan thinks we fail to achieve our plans is fear, and he told us a great acronym for fear.

  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing
  • Real

This acronym for fear that Ryan shared helps us see that the fears we have are often a lier.

Each of us needs to acknowledge our fears because fears tempt us to get off track in accomplishing our purpose. After acknowledging our fears, the next step is to conquer our fears and not let our fears hold us back from moving forward.

It’s OK to Fail!

Often one of our biggest fears is a failure. This means we don’t want something to go wrong, and the fear of failure can paralyze us from doing things we know are essential to pursue.

For Ryan, he has learned that remembering it’s “OK” to fail has helped him push past his fears. He also said that having the perspective of life is full of lessons that help him to push past his fears.

For us to push past our fears just like Ryan, we often need to have an attitude of “I’m Just Going For It,” no matter what happens. To have this type of mentality, we must be focused on a healthy perspective.

Proper Perspective

We see things in a certain way, and after we know the situation, we need to filter the information with the proper perspective. Then, we will be able to make great decisions related to what we have seen.

Ryan shared an illustration of two people who had an alcoholic father. The first person said, “I am an alcoholic because my dad was an alcoholic.” The second person said, “I am straight and sober because my father was an alcoholic.” From this illustration, Ryan said it is how we choose to view the information we are given.

This means the perspective we use in viewing the information given will help us to move forward and not be sidetracked by things like fears. Knowing this, we must consider all information we receive with a proper perspective.

Joy From Accomplishments

There is a lot of joy we can experience as we see our plans being accomplished! It is no fun not seeing our plans being executed. This means we need to make sure we are performing our plans.

Ryan shared that the plans that have brought him joy are being a parent, writing a screenplay, going to Phish concerts, and seeing others succeed. One thing that helps him know his joys is writing down his accomplishments in his journal.

Many times we don’t realize we are accomplishing things until we start writing them down. There are many ways to write down our accomplishments, but all require one thing, which is taking time to reflect. Also, as we are writing down accomplishments, it is essential to remember that “an accomplishment is an accomplishment.” This means we take great joy that all things we are accomplishing have real significance.

Writing a Book

One of the things many people want to do during their life is to write a book! This is a great dream, which leads to a sense of accomplishment for those who have achieved it.

Ryan was very excited to share his first book, “Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful.” He wrote this book to encourage people who have a challenge in their life, so they would be able to get the help they needed instantly to overcome their problem. Here is the link to learn more about Ryans great book:

We all need help as we are traveling through life’s journey. Ryan’s book is an excellent resource to help us stay on track and not get sidetracked.


There are many takeaways from what Ryan shared with us. One of the biggest take-away is “living on purpose doesn’t happen by accident.” Being intentional in the way we live life is the only way we can achieve our purpose. Many things will try to get us from living on purpose, like our fears, but we must push past our fears, and intentionally follow our plans.

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