Pushing People Away?


Roman lost his friends, wife, and business because of one thing. He was very critical. We may not be as critical as Roman, but we are all critical, which negatively affects our lives. What should we do not to be critical? In this episode of “The Onpoint Cast,” our guest Roman Mironov shares how he overcame being a critical person, and how we can, also. Here are a few things Roman shared with us:

Being Judgemental Consequences

Often we are judgemental of others, and we don’t realize how being judgemental affects ourselves and others. Roman shared how being judgemental made him depressed, get divorced, lose friends. This means being judgemental can ruin critical things in our lives.

Want to Change

We need to change from being judgemental to being non-judgment, and often something triggers us to want to make a change. For Roman, the thing that triggered him to want to change was a story in Stephen Covey’s book titled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” After knowing we need to change, it’s time to see the type of relationship we want to build, which does not include being judgmental.

Non-Judgemental Relationships

How can we have a non-judgemental relationship? Here are five things Roman shares to help us have non-judgemental relationships, which are the following.

Step 1. Be Unconditional

This is so hard to do! We all want to have unconditional relationships, but it is tough to do things for others without expecting something in return. Roman shares that we must develop supportive habits, so we are unconditional.

Step 2. Open Communication

Talking is essential for all relationships! This means we need to be intentional in planning conversation times with those we want to have a great relationship. Often during or after a meal is an excellent time to plan this time to have meaningful conversations.

Step 3. Sync Meeting

This is something Roman encouraged. He said people should not criticize others during the week, but only share concerns during a weekly meeting. This means during the week to only support each other to succeed. Then, at the end of the week, have a “Sync Meeting” where concerns, problems, etc. can be dealt with constructively.

By following the five steps Lee shared, we will be able to get out of any valley we will face during our lifetime.

Where to Start

If we want to have a great non-judgemental relationship or help a relationship that is judgemental to become a healthy relationship, where do we start? Roman shared that we should begin with an assessment time. This means to get together with the person we desire to have a great relationship and talk about each other’s needs. Then, after the meeting follows the three steps: be unconditional, have open communication, and meeting weekly for a sync time.

Avoid These Things

There are many things we can do to have a non-judgemental relationship, but we need to avoid things. Here are five things Roman encouraged us to avoid:

  1. Avoid being egotistical
  2. Avoid wanting to change the other
  3. Avoid the silent treatment
  4. Avoid taking others for granted
  5. Avoid putting something above others.

These five things to avoid are great tips to help us succeed in our relationships!

It Takes Work!

The final thing Roman want to share was that “Relationships Take Work.” Often, we hear great relationship building instructions or tips, but we don’t take action on what we know we should do. Now is the time to put into action what Roman shared with us today.

We learned many things during this “The OnPoint Cast” that will help us fulfill our purpose. Still, the most important thing we learned was that we need to NOT be critical of others because doing this does not help us bring people closer to us!


It was a blessing to have Roman Mironov on The OnPoint Cast! At the end of the interview, Roman shared how to contact him, which was at https://romanmironov.com/.


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