We make every effort to disclose everything. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific. Here are disclaimers for OnPointer. 


All content we have written and created on this site, and our subdomains are copyright, and may not be used unless with our written permission.

Fair Use:

There are items on the site, and our subdomains that are used under fair use. These items are used for the benefit of site users.


All participants use this site for their entertainment, and are responsible for their actions. We take no responsibility for things we do not have control over.


The objective is to have content that is beneficial for all people. Every effort is make to please everyone. We take no responsibility for the content that may be offensive to someone.

Errors of Omission:

Every effort has been made to be correct and accurate. We take no responsibility for things that are errors or omissions.


There may be affiliate offers presented to website attendees. The affiliate we use are chosen wisely, and we believe each offer will benefit our members. We take no responsibility for what our affiliates do or don't do.


For testimonials, they are given freely with permission to share with others. We cannot claim what a testimonial communicates will happen to everyone. This means we cannot take responsibility for things that did not happen.


The training and content will have a Christian world view overtone. Everyone is welcome to use our service, no matter if you claim to be a Christian or not.


For the people who do not abide by these rules, we have the right to dismiss them from an event and/or the use of this site without compensation. Also, we have the right to determined what is abiding and what is not abiding by the rules. Here are the rules:

  1. Wholesome Communication
  2. Respecting others
  3. Improve Community

These rules will help us have a great community!

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