There are two roads

Which road will you choose?

The left road leads to . . .

  • missing dreams
  • relationship failures
  • health issues
  • no inner peace
  • lack of existence

The right road leads to . . .

  • reaching dreams
  • relationship success
  • healthy bodies
  • real inner peace
  • having a purpose

Which road will you choose?

Hopefully want want to go down the right road, and you want to experience REAL life fulfillment!

This means you want to be an


For those who want to be OnPoint, we are starting a community of like minded people who will encouragement each other to walk down the right life road.

Also, the community will have . . .

  • OnPoint Training
  • Success Inspiration
  • Personal Support

Are you ready to be part of the OnPointer community? Excellent!

Three Joining Options

Option #A


These are the benefits.

  • 24/7 Community Access
  • Five week OnPointer Training
  • Lifestyle Planner Book
  • Hangout Invites
  • Q & A Forum
Option #C



These are the benefits.

  • 24/7 Community Access
  • Five week OnPointer Training
  • Lifestyle Planner Book
  • Hangout Invites
  • Q & A Forum
  • 15 Backer Group Meetings
  • Advanced Instruction

If you're not 100% Satisfied, you'll be refunded 100%.

Q and A

What is the 24/7 OnPointer Community?

The is the community where all OnPointers will be able to interact in a positive way by sharing what is happening, encouraging each other, ask questions, learn helpful tips, and hear inspiring messages.

What is the OnPointer Lifestyle Training?

The OnPoint Lifestyle Training shows five steps we can take to be OnPoint, and for each step, each participant in the training will make personal plans based on their desires. This means the training provides a structure that will help us know exactly where we are going hand how we will get to our final destination.

What is the OnPoint Lifestyle Planner?

The OnPoint Lifestyle Planner is a tool for writing down where we want to go, planning how to get to where we want to go, and knowing what we need to do right now that will help us move toward our final destination. Note: the planner comes in a PDF version and a spiral bound book version

What are Backer Group Meetings?

An OnPoint Backer Group Meeting is a place where attendees meet weekly for encouraging each other to stay on track in accomplishing their plans. The group will be lead by a facilitator. During meetings, there will be a time for sharing wins, challenges, and asking questions. For most OnPointers, these meetings will be the high light of their day.

What is the Advanced Instruction?

The advanced instructions will teach one or more important topic and take a deep dive into how we can apply the topic. This training helps the group attendees overcome barriors they will have in achieving their plans.

What is the Time Commitment?

The time commitment for personal implementation of the OnPoint Lifestyle will be dependent on each individual. The reality is that OnPointers need to plan during these time periods: yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. 

Who should Join OnPointer Today?

The person who should join the OnPointer community are people who want to work hard at achieving their purpose, and want to be part of a group of like minded people that have the same desire.

What if I an not from the US?

For anyone from the US, they will receive the OnPoint Lifestyle Planner book. For those who are not from the US, they will receive a PDF version of the planner.

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