Gratitude Important?


He could no longer walk! What did Lee Chambers do? In this episode of “The Onpoint Cast,” our guest Lee Chambers shares what he did after discovering he could no longer take care of himself. This is the first thing Lee did after having a life-changing immune disease.

Learned the Importance of Gratitude!

While Lee was in the hospital reflecting on his situation, he starting appreciating that he could walk before. Then, he started thinking about other things that he was blessed to experience! This experience taught him the importance of gratitude!

Many times we are living life, and we take for granted all the blessings we have experienced and are receiving. There are many things that we forget to be thankful for in our lives. Now is the time to remember what we can be thankful, and be grateful for all our blessings!

Here are other things Lee shared:

Our Environment Matters

Lee shared that our environment matters because it affects our well being in many ways. Since Lee is an environmental psychologist, he can help people and businesses have great workplaces. There are many things Lee shared, but the most important is that we need to be mindful of our surroundings and make sure our surroundings will help us be successful.

Getting Out of a Valley

Throughout our lives, we will be in valleys and have mountain top experiences. It’s easy to navigate through the good times, but navigating through a hard time is very challenging. Lee shared things that will help everyone navigate the challenging time, which is the following.

1. Accept Our Situation

This may be the most difficult thing! Being willing to tell ourselves the truth about our situation and then, accept our situations. Only when we do this we’ll be able to get out of a challenging situation.

2. Understand We Are Not Alone

Often when we go through a situation, we think that no one is going through the same thing. This thinking is wrong. Yes, maybe someone does not have the same experience, but some people have a similar experience. Many times knowing that others are going through what we are going through, and they made it through the challenge, encourages us to keep going and solve our problem.

3. Focus on What we can Control

When we are going through a situation, there are things we can control and things we cannot control. Often the things we cannot control causes us to get frustrated, but the reality is we cannot do anything to change the situation. This means we need to focus on things we can control.

4. Create a Plan on the “WHO”

Everyone has a purpose, which will help us know the “WHO” we want to be! In light of what we can do and “WHO” we want to be, we can create a current plan for our lives.

5. Take Actions on Plans

This is what holds most people back is doing their plans. There are many reasons, but only when we take action on our plans will we see success in our lives.

By following the five steps Lee shared, we will be able to get out of any valley we will face during our lifetime.

Life is Full of Lessons!

This is something we need to remembers! Lee used the word “pearls” to describe the lessons we will learn as we live life. When we look for lessons as we have experienced, this will help us have a great perspective during challenging times. Many times we view hardship as torture and not something that will teach us valuable lessons. It’s all about perspective.

Remove the Emotion

The final thing we talked about was how important it is to remove our emotions from failures. This is so important! When we don’t remove our emotions as we are going through challenges, we will have a hard time finding lessons, thinking clearly, enjoying our blessings.

We learned many things during this “The OnPoint Cast” that will help us fulfill our purpose. Still, the most important thing we learned was that we need to be grateful for past blessings, current blessings, and future blessings!


It was a blessing to have Lee Chambers on The OnPoint Cast! At the end of the interview, Lee shared how to contact him, which are,, and Instagram


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