We will have roadblocks!


There are many roadblocks we will experience! The question is, what will we do to overcome these roadblocks. One of the main things Todd shared with us during the interview was how he is an overcomer, and how he does not let roadblocks stop him from prospering. Here are things we can learn from Todd Smith about being an overcomer by being a learner and many other great things he said during the interview:

Starts with a Purpose

We need to know where we are going! This is very important because if we don’t know where we are going, we will fail to achieve our purpose. The next question is, how do we know our purpose.

Todd says he has always had a sense of purpose because of his faith. From his faith, he has a structure to live by, ad the way he knows what to do is, when his faith and passions line us, he pursues these things.

There are many of Todd’s passion that lines up with Todd’s faith like real estate, salsa dancing, and sharing the gospel with others. For the interview, we could have focused on talking about many of his passions, but we choose to talk about real estate.

Preparing for Action

 After knowing what we need to do, it is time to plan how to do it. Many people know what they want to do, and they never plan on how to achieve what they want to do. The next question is, how can we plan.

Todd says he started planning by reading every book on real estate at the two libraries near his house. WoW! That shows how passionate Todd was about learning how to buy and sell homes. We can see from what Todd did that learning is a big part of planning for Todd. 

He also shared his strategy fo for being a learner, which is the following

  1. Consume all the free information first. By doing this, we will learn what we need to know and discern if we need to take a paid course.
  2. Take appropriate paid courses. The paid courses will help us learn what we need to know and discern if we need to hire a paid coach.
  3. Have a paid coach. The paid coach will help us learn what we need to know and do what we need to do.

We will be able to make plans that will help us achieve our purpose from all things we learn.

Achieving our Plans

We want to succeed or do our plans! For most people, achieving their plans never happens. The next question is, how can we make sure we have success, and not fail.

Todd says he can follow his plans. One of the reasons he can follow his plans if by remembering the “Why.” By doing this, he has the motivation.

This means we need to make sure we know the “Why,” behind our plans. Many times our plans may now be exciting, but we need to do our plans. Only when we remember our “Why” will we succeed in accomplishing our plans.

Don’t let Others Stop Us

People will try to hinder us from doing things! For everyone, people who are not their backers will be different. The fact is that everyone will face opposition, and no matter what happens, we must conquer our opponent. The question is, how can we do this.

Todd says one of his most significant oppositions is racial injustice. When he goes to buy or sell a house, people do not want to deal with him because of his color. Ouch! That has to be hurtful experiencing this. This is what Todd does to overcome racial injustice.

  • Overlook opposition by focusing on the opportunity. He learned this lesson from one of his coaches, who told him that “if you are not making money in the US, you have a problem.”
  • Just get back up by remembering that “ Sometimes you’re the bug that is getting squished by a windshield, and sometimes you’re the windshield is squishing a bug.”
  • Don’t forget your faith. Only God can help us through our challenging times. This means to rely on His support.

These things are helping Todd conquer his opposition, and they will help us, also.

Having fun along the way

We have two choices as we live life. Enjoy life’s journey or endure life’s journey. Most people what to enjoy life’s journey, but they get caught up in just making the journey. The question is, how can we make sure we have fun.

Todd says that he makes sure he is financially stable. Because he can do this, he can focus on his passions, which brings him great joy. For example, he likes to travel. By being financially stable, he can travel the world.

Most likely, we are in the same situation. We need to make sure our finances are in order, so we don’t have stress and can pursue our passions.

There are many takeaways from the interview with Todd. One of the main things we can see is that being a learner is essential for all of us. It takes a lot of work to learn! For some of us, learning will be easy. For others, we will have to work at learning. The key is that we need to make sure we spend time learning.

At the end of the interview, Todd shared how to connect with him. Here are two things he mentioned: Free 90 minute video at https://www.realestatecashflowsecrets.com and https://www.imentorrealestate.com

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