Many things get us off track!


Life is full of things that can get us off track in achieving our purpose! We cannot avoid facing situations that can get us off track. Also, the list of challenges will be different for each person, but there is the fact that all people who want to be OnPointers, which is why we need to stay focused!

Our guest in this “OnPoint Cast,” it Jose Villarreal from Barranquilla Colombia, and he listed many things that can get him off track. This is his list: lack of resources, corruption, weather, education, and transportation. The BIG news is that Jose is not getting off track! He is accomplishing his goals!

Here are things we can learn from Jose about staying on track:

Filtering all Decision

We all have to make crucial decisions all day long. It is interesting how one simple decision can change our lives and other’s lives. This means we need to make great decisions, and by doing this, we will know what we should do that is best for us. The next question is, how do we make the best choices.

Jose says he filters every choice to make sure his decisions are wise. By filtering, he clearly knows what he needs to do and will be able to do all things with confidence. Here are thing things that Jose uses as a filter:

  • Are the plans God approved?
  • Will, my family, support this?
  • What do my Backers think?

The questions Jose uses as a filter are the same questions we can use also. Then, when we filter our decision, we will be able to have the same confidence in living just like Jose.

Write Down Plans

One thing that is amazing about Jose is that he writes down his plan. For people not familiar with Barranquilla Colombia, it is a city where people live life without a plan! This means for Jose to write down his plans, he is doing something most people in his city has never done!

SMART goals are the methods Jose uses to write down plans. This type of goal is measurable and only has two outcomes: yes, it was done or not done. Here here are example SMART goals:

  • Take care of the dog by once a day walking and feeding the dog.
  • Talk with God every morning at 6:00 am for at least 30 minutes
  • Have a date night with my wife once a week.
  • At least once a month, meet with the accountability group for support in following my plan.
  • Every day, ride my bike for at least 10 miles.
  • Meditate on a passage in Psalms every night before bed.
  • Start a candy bar manufacturing business that has a yearly profit of 20% in five years.
  • Every four months have a weekend getaway with the kids.
  • Have a party just for the immediate family on every major holiday.
  • Connect with friends on Mondays and Thursdays nights.
  • I have a job where I can invest 20% of my salary.

These examples help us have a picture of a SMART goal, and we can also use this type of goal. The key is to make sure our goals line up with our purpose and lead us to our desired outcome.

Adjusting SMART goals.

Most people never achieve their goals, which means they don’t “Do It.” There are many reasons goals are not achieved. The question is, how can we do our SMART goals.

Jose can say that he completed all five of his 2019 goals. He is very proud and happy about this accomplishment. These are the tips he has for being able to do this:

  1. Remember. This means to make sure we don’t forget doing our SMART goals
  2. Analyze. This means we evaluate the progress of our goals to make sure we are on track.
  3. Improve. From our analyzing times, we make the needed adjustments.

These three things help Jose do his plans, and they will help us accomplish our plans, also.

Easy to Get Discouraged

When striving to accomplish our plans, it is easy to think we are failing! There are many reasons we get discouraged, but the fact is that most people have to face disappointment. The question is, how can we conquer the challenge of discouragement.

Jose shared that being discouraged is something he often has to deal with because he does not have the resources needed to accomplish his plans. He found the solution is to change his mindset from I need this to how can I use what I got to get things done. This is terrific advice!

Often we dwell on our problems instead of thinking about how we can conquer our challenges.

Rejoice in the Moment.

Just like dealing with challenges requires us to have a conquering attitude, enjoying doing our plans requires rejoicing in the moment attitude. This means we have a choice. We can endure the adventure or rejoice during the experience. The question is, how can we rejoice during the adventure.

Jose says we need to rejoice at the moment by changing our attitude by not thinking about negative and only thinking about positive things. Also, he said that focusing on living for the moment will help us rejoice at the moment.

Our plans may be complicated at times, but we can still enjoy them! This is something we need to remember! We are blessed to be able to use our abilities to do great things.

There are many takeaways from the interview with Jose. One of the main things we can see was that Jose is intentional in what he does and doesn’t do. The way what Jose said was that he is intensional is by filtering discussions, and only doing things that are in line with his purpose. This is something he mentioned many times, and we can do the same thing.

At the end of the interview, Jose shared how to connect with him. He said Facebook was the best way, and here is a link to Jose’s profile

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