Is passive living wrong?


Living is really about the attitude we have! This means having the appropriate attitude is essential if we what to achieve our dreams. Also, this means that if we have dreams, we cannot be passive about the attitude we currently have. What should our attitude be? Is YOLO the best attitude we should have?

Our guest in this “OnPoint Cast,” it Christina Johnson, and she says our attitude should be YOLO. Recently she and her husband started a corner candy store in a former bank building that has a drive-up window. Now she wants to take her corner candy store concept to the next level by opening more corner candy stores. What she is doing is inspirational!

Here are things we can learn from Christina about how she can do what she is doing:

Starts with a Dream

It is interesting how we get our dreams! Sometimes we get our dreams from something we enjoyed in the past, thoughts that come to our minds, others sharing something with us, as we are reading a book, etc. The fact is that we all have dreams, and many times these dreams can help us know what we need to do NOW.

Christina’s dream of owning a corner candy store started when she was a child. In her town, there was a corner candy store where everyone went to often, and especially after events. She enjoyed going to this corner store and, as a child, wanted to buy the business. We can see her dream of starting a corner candy store started as a child, and now it is a reality.

For everyone, the way they know what to do will be different, but our life direction many times starts with a dream.

Put Goals on Paper

Often we have a dream, but we don’t plan how to accomplish our dreams. Only when we take time to think about the direction we want to take, and carefully put plans on paper will be able to intentionally take the appropriate actions.

Christina says she mainly writes down goals, and she and her husband do this every night for around 20 minutes. By having her plans written down, she has the confidence she needs to move forward.

When we have plans, not only do they show us what to do, but they give us the confidence we need to move forward. Also, having plans written down helps us to know what to do now. As we can see, it is important to have our plans written down.

Have to be Proactive

There are two choices we can have as we live life: being passive or being proactive. For those who want to do their plans, there is only one choice, which is having a proactive attitude. This means we need to not be passive in following our plans but totally focus on supporting our plans.

Christian says the way she is proactive in doing her plans is by having a YOLO attitude. YOLO means “You Only Live Once.” Having this attitude helps her be willing to step out and take risks! For Christina, she started using the YOLO attitude around two years ago when she began her candy store.

This shows that even if we have not been proactive in how we live our life, we can start being proactive! WoW! It’s never too late to accomplish great things!

Somethings Others Don’t Understand

Often what we want to do is risky, and the people closest to us do not understand why we would do what we want to do. This means we often have to step out of our comfort zone by doing something without others’ support.

Christina says she had to start her business without her family’s full backing. Overtime her family came to understand what she was trying to do, and now they fully support her. She says that during the time her family didn’t fully support her, she was sad.

We need to be able to follow our plans even when those closest to us don’t fully understand by conquering. Just like Christina say she was sad about her family’s lack of support, we will often be sad when others are not totally supportive. Only by willing to keep focused on achieving our plans will we be able to conquer the hard times.

The Process Brings Joy.

One of the things that help us enjoy doing our plans is being part of the process. This means watching our plans being accomplished is enjoyable. There are many reasons, and one of the reasons is that we like being part of making something happen.

Christina says that she is finding a lot of joy in starting a business and seeing it succeed. Also, she is enjoying seeing her children being inspirited to start a business themselves.

Many times we are enjoying the adventures of completing our plans, and at the same time, we are something that is inspiring others. We are blessed to be able to enjoy our accomplishments and encourage others at the same time!

There are many takeaways from the interview with Christina. One of the main things we can see was that Christina is willing to take big, scary steps. The thing about Christina is that she just started to be willing to accept these risks. Just like Christina just began to take chances, it’s not too late for us to start taking chances by leaving our comfort zone.

At the end of the interview, Christina shared how to connect with her. Here is how to connect: visit her at her store, which is Debos Drive-Thru Corner Store, 242 Court Pl., Plainfield NJ, 07060, go to her Facebook page, which is or connect with her on Instagram, which is

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